Don Myers

Our minister

Don Myers, along with every member of the Elmore church family, would like to give you the warmest of welcomes to become a part of our loving fellowship of believers who are ready to receive you into our atmosphere of Christian love and support, which is nothing short of astonishing! The reason the spiritual environment of love is so remarkable at our congregation is because of our Lord Jesus Christ! Jesus longs to be your Lord and Savior as well. Don views himself as one member in the overall body of believers at Elmore with a special gift to preach—while honoring each and every member with their own unique gifts from God to be use to His glory and for the mutual edification and service of fellow members.

Don has been preaching since childhood, but began full time ministry in 1975. He has preached for congregations in Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. Don holds an M.S. degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in College Counseling (1971) and an M.A. degree from Amridge University in Bible (2000). He is presently doing post-graduate leveling at Amridge University with the goal of entering their Ph.D. program in New Testament Studies. He has been an Assistant Professor of Bible at Faulkner University since 2003 and serves as the supervising mentor of the Vanguard Program—a spearhead group of Bible majors who preach across the U.S. seeking to ignite passion in high school students to consider becoming messengers of the gospel of Christ and to get a great Christian education to that end.